Spiritual Connectivity

Spiritual Connectivity

Each of us is a supreme alchemist. At every moment, we become the sum total of our accumulated choices from which our destiny is shaped. We continually define our destiny by the quality of our thoughts along with our actions and reactions.

Science shows us that we live in a quantum, intelligent universe. Our personal life experience is a microcosmic reflection of a larger arena, and is stamped with our personal life signature. Everything we experience in life reflects back to us, the quality of our thoughts, our beliefs and our affirmations stemming from our accumulated “life laws.”

Developing spiritual connectivity, or a connection with universal intelligence through meditation, self-reflection, forgiveness and a reverence for life, builds inner fortitude and a keener ability to be guided by one’s internal compass.

Even life’s random activities which can throw us off course, can be met with mindfulness, a respect for the human experience and the power of self-referred love. The curve balls in life often play a vital part in shaping our character and our life purpose. The power of forgiveness along the way frees us and others from the burdens of our history and from unwholesome alliances…and transforms the possibilities for our lives.

Whatever curveballs or violations have pierced our life experiences, no one or no thing can touch the Original Joy and the Orginal Blueprint that resides within the soul. Joy is the essence that fuels our divine purpose in life. We simply need to remove the negative programming from our personal “internal and external hard drive” that has woven, layer by layer, a set of life laws that have ultimately run our show.

Our negative programming can be removed by a daily practice of personal accountability. This means being mindful and accountable for the thoughts we think on a daily basis, the subsequent actions we take and the habits we develop as a result of those thoughts. We need to be transformers of self-destructive thoughts and habits in our lives, and in its place, become champions of positive, life-giving habits and self-love rituals.

How do we rekindle the Original Joy within the Soul? By using the POWER OF GRATITUDE. Gratitude is the supreme alchemical unguent that moves mountains of pride, pain and suffering, and performs miracles in our lives.

A daily practice of recognizing and expressing gratitude for all of good things in our life ignites the law of attraction which magnetizes more of the same. It increases our body’s endorphins, our oxytocin levels and our PEA (love) chemicals. Our aura emanates a quality of desirability.

Positive relationships flourish and our sensitivity to divine energy heightens. We become more fully present with our life experiences. Gratitude is the supreme expression of spiritual connectivity, as it acknowledges our unwavering relationship with eternal love, our ultimate source of all things.

As spiritual alchemists, we can use the power of gratitude along with visualization and affirmation to attract positive, desirable results into our lives. Even in moments when we feel challenged by seemingly insurmountable circumstances, we can use this principle to altar our destiny.

For instance, if you are challenged by financial hardship (or a difficult relationship), take a moment to be silent and breathe. Acknowledge and accept accountability for your present circumstances. Yet, rather than focusing on the burden of the difficulty, use your powers of visualization to see yourself and your circumstances forgiven and healed, and in place where you want to be.

Then use the power of the spoken word to affirm your gratitude for the positive outcome of your circumstances in present time. With a sincere heart, engage your positive emotions in the process. As an example, you can say:

I acknowledge my accountability for my current circumstances and am grateful for the lessons learned from these experiences. I forgive myself, I ask forgiveness of those I have wrongfully affected, and I forgive those whom I have been wrongfully affected by. 

In its place I champion my highest potential and embrace my right livelihood. I am a magnet for collaborative enterprise (or loving relationships.) I am an active creator of personal sustainability, financial prosperity, love and good will for my life and the lives of others, which is positively impacting my magnetic field of attraction NOW!

As you create the container for present time blessings in your life, universal intelligence will swiftly act to fill the container according to your soul’s divine blueprint.


© 2015 Christina Fior and The Ageless Code.




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