Author, Speaker, Life Coach and Creator of The Ageless Code, Christina Fior has merged her 40-year background, combining preventative wellness and metaphysics into a lifestyle practice that optimizes personal potential. She is dedicated to helping individuals align their lives with nature and the power of their own natural resources for attaining extraordinary health and personal clarity.

As part of her own initiatory journey toward this calling, Christina experienced two significant health crises that revealed to her, her own strength as a self-healer. She circumvented a “prescribed” breast mass surgery and thyroid removal by using a variety of powerful, transformative life practices that she now shares with others.

A Certified Advanced Theta Healer, Wellness Consultant, Relationship Coach and Palm and Handwriting Analyst, Christina connects with her clients during sessions to reflect the essential empowering truths of their inner world that may have been long forgotten. Her insights validate the soul’s original intelligence as she “sees you” and your gifts, along with any obstacles that may be in your way.

Additionally, with her seasoned professional background as a marketing advisor and events specialist for the wellness and personal growth industries, Christina is sought after for her expertise in helping business professionals and individuals define and showcase their unique personal brand, coming from their deepest core truths.

Using a broad spectrum of tools from her healing pouch, Christina offers practical, hands-on formulas, customized to meet her client’s present circumstances and essential life goals. She considers this role to be a supreme privilege.


Christina Offers a Roadmap for Achieving:

– Soul Healing & Extraordinary Health

– Heightened Intuition & Envisioned Life Purpose

– Healthy and Meaningful Relationships


Collaborate with qualified professionals who incorporate a holistic approach to your health. Become an avid investigator of ground breaking innovations for maintaining optimum health in a manner that synergizes with the worl’d’s natural resources.



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